Sink or Swim, PMA Style!

Junior Account Coordinator Johnna Byrd had her first experience at a PMA (Produce Marketing Association) Trade Show last weekend in New Orleans. She shares her experience in today’s M+ blog.

The dust from the whirlwind of PMA’s Fresh Summit has settled and I am back at the office ready to tackle the day head on.  What a jaw-dropping experience I had as I ventured onto the show floor of a PMA convention for the very first time.

The word overwhelming does not even describe the feeling of chaos as I was panning over a sea of forklifts and crates.  At that very moment I was thanking my lucky stars that I was with our experienced team and this was not their first rodeo.

The fast pace adventure kicked-off Thursday as we went to work constructing the booths for our clients (it’s all part of our Trade Show Management program here at marketing Plus.) Time flew by and Thursday turned into Friday and we knew that “Showtime” was drawing near.

Saturday morning at 10:00 the doors opened and we were ready to start!  Masses of people filled the Ernest Morial Convention Center in New Orleans, touring exhibitor booths, experiencing what each had to offer.

For one of our clients it was a raspberry salsa, another offered champagne with pomegranate arils and one even juiced fresh grapes right at the booth!

All the hard work paid off when the attendees stopped by the booths in amazement, thoroughly enjoying what was offered.  For one of our clients we featured Halloween on Saturday and completely flipped to Christmas on Sunday!  (Yes, we did that!)

As the show came to a close on Sunday and our clients started trickling to the airport to board their planes, we began tearing down and packing up to go home.  What went up must come down.  Everything was packed, labeled and ready to ship where it would be stored until next year’s PMA Fresh Summit show.

The first time experience is one that can never be duplicated and will be remembered for a lifetime.  I am so thankful for the team I traveled with, they showed me the ropes and guided me the entire way.

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Until we meet again, PMA!

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