Marketing Plus is Truly Thankful

For today’s holiday blog, we asked each member of the staff what they’re most thankful for this year. Please enjoy!


Julie: “Long standing clients who let us produce great work for them.”

Well Pict Berries, PMA,

John: “Our vendors and business associates who put up with our last minute demands.”


Breanne: “Family, new job, friends, and good health.”


Katrina: “Family and friends.”


Johnna: “New job, engaged, new house, and all my family is healthy.”


Denise: “I am Thankful to have my amazing wonderful Sisters & My Silly Nephew & Niece in my Life. They brighten up my day with there crazy silly fun personality. Without them my life would be pretty simple.”


Matthew: “Most thankful for my wife and two kids. They give the unconditional love and support and can make me smile even when I have nothing to smile about.”


Greg: “For my incessant humming of the mind-numbing hit, “What Does the Fox Say?”

IMG_4045 copy

Dominic: “I’m thankful for all the wonderful relationships I have with the people in my life, but one is just a little bit more special than the rest.”


Scott: “So much to be thankful for, but high on the list was the return of Zoe, who had been missing for almost four years.”


Raul: “For having a job at Marketing Plus with such nice people.”


Stuart: “Working with beautiful women!”


From the entire team at Marketing Plus, we wish you a Thanksgiving full of friends, family, and  delicious food!

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