Social Media: A language we are fluent in to speak your brand to your target audience

Hashtags, Repost, Filters, Gifs and Clout, do these words mean anything to you? If not, you may not be too fluent in the ever-changing language that is social media. Truth is that this language will never stay consistent, but there is one thing should always stay consistent…your brand’s social media voice.


Here at Marketing Plus, we manage many different client’s social media platforms. From our Quick Service Restaurant client to our strawberry client, each require a voice that is unique to them. We specialize in tailoring to your brand’s image. If your company sells a premium product, we make sure that the content we put out reflects that. If your company has some wiggle room for silliness, then expect more “😜” emojis without crossing any lines.


The social media language is constantly being added with new terminology and trends that can come and go in a single campaign. We make sure that we keep your brand at the forefront of what is going on in social media in a positive way. If a crisis does occur, then we take the necessary action in order to swiftly handle any negative publicity. Social media can be fun but, also overwhelming.  If you feel you need assistance in content creating/scheduling, social media ad buys or full on management, then send us a DM “Direct Message” 😉.



Anthony Bonilla


Accounts/Tradeshow/Social Media Coordinator