Graphic Design Process


It is a graphic designer’s job to visually convey a message in a clear, concise, and aesthetically pleasing manner. It may seem that a design appears out of thin air, but there is a process that takes place.  Here is how the designers at Marketing Plus take an idea and turn it into a reality.

Main Idea:

Every project begins with a message that needs to get across which can come in the form of an abstract concept idea, a headline, or a completely detailed and flushed out idea. At this point, the designer comes into play to take something that only exists as an idea or words and create it visually.

Planning Stages:

Most of the planning and ideas for visuals happen inside the minds of designers. As other creative people, designers have a unique way of thinking that is often difficult to explain. I personally like to begin by sketching out very rough layouts to get my thoughts to paper. As you can see by the image it is very difficult to make anything out. But as previously mentioned the bulk of the work is happening in my brain. These simple sketches just help me not to forget ideas and allows me to create drafts faster since I have a plan.

Initial Comps:

This is the stage where I take the ideas that are in my head and develop them into something tangible. The goal of this stage is to create as many comps as possible within the budget to show various approaches. It gives me the chance to try different fonts, colors, photos, themes etc.

Client Comps:

As a team we will get together and analyze the initial comps. We use our different backgrounds and strengths and figure out which comp will be more effective. We look for things such as readability issues, colors or themes that we anticipate our clients will not like, and how our concept fares to current events going on. In other words, we try to foresee any possible issues that we may encounter.

Final Work:

As you can see, we go through a long process to ensure that our clients always receive the best work we can provide. We take pride in our work and would be happy to help you with your next campaign.

Oscar Burgos

Art Director/Graphic Designer