Trade Show Secrets Part II: Portable Pop-Up Booths

Today, we want to talk a little bit about alternate trade show booth solutions: Specifically, pop-up booths. The Marketing Plus team has gotten excellent results over the years using pop-ups — with so many built-in advantages it’s easy to see why this segment of the trade show business has grown almost 30% over the last three years.

Portable pop-ups are great for any exhibitor with any budget. With their convenience and wide range of options, we’ve found there is literally a solution for everyone.

What makes a pop-up booth a good option for those planning an upcoming trade show?

  • User-friendly. The primary reason exhibitors like pop-ups is because they are simple to use, lightweight and easy to travel with — no shipping required. And when the show is over, tired staffers love how fast they can put them away!
  • Flexible. Pop-up booths have modular parts for the ultimate in flexibility. Plus, they feature interchangeable graphics, so you can add color and appeal to your booth as the situation calls for. You can quickly swap out messaging, promotions and graphics. Best of all, their adaptability allows you to easily modify your booth to fit any shape or size booth space you are presented with.
  • Neat and clean. Pop-ups are clutter-free.  This may not sound like a big deal, but with a conventional booth there are hundreds of pieces to keep track of, pack, ship and store.
  • Durable. Modern pop-up booths are built to last and stay fresh-looking show after show.
  • Cost-effective. We think pop-up booths offer the best bang for your buck. The materials are relatively inexpensive and when you scale out the cost over multiple shows, the pop-up booth is a no-brainer.

Ruby Fresh tradeshow boothOne of the benefits Marketing Plus offers to our clients is our long-standing partnership with Duo Displays, a major provider of portable booth solutions. We like their extensive range of options, from the simple table-top display to elaborate multi-tiered booths with all the latest bells, whistles, and graphic effects. Marketing Plus also provides complimentary booth rendering in addition to all the design and implementation services that go along with your project.

In all due modesty, we are very proud of our trade show work – both in design and in implementation. We invite you to browse our gallery to see some of our past projects, and view the many portable and modular booth options available.

See something here you like? Have an idea for something you don’t see? Contact us and let’s talk!

Well Pict Tradeshow Booth

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