Trade Show Secrets, Part III: Booth Necessities Every Exhibitor Should Have on Hand

tradeshow necessities

This week in our trade show series, we want to share our go-to list of things to bring with you to your trade show. This may not qualify as in-depth marketing strategy, but sometimes it’s the little things that make all the difference between a smooth process and lurching from one mini-crisis to another.

After years of setting up and managing booths for clients, we’ve found that there is almost always something we wish we had on hand. Some little gadget, a marking pen, a certain type of tape…  By now we’ve compiled what we think is a pretty bullet-proof list of things to bring to a trade show besides the booth itself – just in case something comes up. If you’re the staffer who remembers to bring this box of stuff, you’ll end up being the hero of the show!

Trade Show Necessities

1. Business cards

2. Band-aids

3. Batteries

4. Tape: Duct tape, electrical tape, double sided tape

5. All-purpose cleaner

6. Cleaning rags

7. Razor blades

8. Zip ties

9. Super glue

10. Sharpie pens

11. Ballpoint pens

12. Sewing kit

13. Clear nail polish/nail clippers

14. Screwdriver

15. Allen wrenches

16. Gloves

17. Toothpicks

18. Napkins

19. Sponges

20. Extra keys to exhibit cases

21. Shipping labels

22. Contact list

23. Show manual and exhibitor kit

24. Shrink wrap

25. 3M spray adhesive

26. Miscellaneous nuts and bolts

27. Rubber bands

28. Trash bags

29. Paper towels

30. Hammer

31. Glass cleaner

32. Staple gun and staples

33. Strapping for shipping

34. Baby wipes

35. Hand sanitizer

36. Small bite-size snacks

37. Small water bottles

38. Ibuprofen

39. First aid kit

40. Booth prints, layout and schedule

For more information on trade show planning, please see our Trade Show Success Guide.

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