Effective Tips for Facebook Business Pages

Infographic-01Did you know Facebook now has over 40 million active small business pages? Read on to find out how you can make your business page stand out and engage your followers! Here are some tips from our M+ social media team:

1) Respond to Comments and Messages Promptly
Facebook has begun to roll out a new feature to improve customer service of business pages, by tracking response rates and times. Therefore it is very important that you respond to comments and messages quickly to improve your response scores and show your followers that you are actively checking the page.

2) Engage your Audience
Your followers have “liked” your page because they want to stay in touch with your business and keep up to date with what is going on. Try to post at least 2-3 times a week and encourage followers to start a conversation with you by asking open-ended questions. We recommend your posts include a variety of custom images, videos, polls, blog posts, and shared content from other industry related websites or business pages.

3) Boost your Posts
Consider setting up a small budget each month to boost selected posts. Facebook allows you to target specific demographics, so you can cater your boosted post to your audience. Boosted posts can result in more page likes, post likes, shares, and comments, and can even drive traffic to your website.

4) Use the Insights Feature to Track your Progress
Take time to review the Insights feature, which shows reporting on page views, likes, check-ins and more. It can provide valuable information about which posts are performing well, the best day/time to post, and how many people are being reached by your posts.

5) Use Good Quality Images
Images are a great way to tell a story quickly and effectively, but make sure they are not grainy or blurry. Take the time to add your logo to each image, so if the image is shared your brand identity isn’t lost. Follow these size guidelines to ensure the quality of your image isn’t compromised:
Profile image – 180×180 pixels
Cover image – 851×315 pixels
Link image – 1200×627 pixels
Shared image – 1200×1200 pixels

We hope these Facebook tips are helpful! Stay tuned to our blog for more upcoming posts on Instagram, Pinterest and Twitter tips.

If you’re interested in learning more about our social media marketing plans, please contact Johnna Johnson at johnna@marketingplus.tv