Engaging With Customers on Instagram

Instagram currently has over 300 million users, meaning it is an ideal space for your brand to connect with consumers. “The platform holds unique appeal because it captures the immediacy of the moment, ignites creative expression and provides a connection to a likeminded community” (insights.fb.com). In a 2014 study commissioned by Facebook, over half of “Millennial” participants credit Instagram with helping them discover who they are, so get your brand out there and on their minds!

Here are some M+ tips on how your brand can effectively engage on Instagram:


1) Utilize your bio! While you only have a limited amount of characters to work with, your Instagram bio is a great space to intrigue followers by briefly introducing your brand and your specialties, or even talking about something currently happening.


2) Balance business images with fun pictures. Take advantage of this creative digital space to showcase not only job-related pictures and videos but also fun, creative, around-the-office posts. Behind-the-scenes posts set a more personal tone for your brand, which enhances the brand-consumer connection.



3) Leverage your Instagram posts by linking them with your Facebook. This creates a cross-platform connection and spices up your traditional Facebook feed with beautiful images and a more visual experience.




4) Follow your followers back! Forming strategic relationships like this will give you invaluable insight as to what your target audience is currently into and will make consumers feel personally connected to your brand. Plus, who doesn’t appreciate a follow-back?









5) Create your own hashtag! Using your brand’s slogan or current campaign as a hashtag on your posts gives fellow Instagrammers the opportunity to connect with your brand by adding your hashtag to their posts, creating the sense of community that Instagram is known for.

6) Moderation is key! You don’t need to post every day. In fact, oversaturating your followers’ feeds may actually be a deterrent! Keep your posting flexible and relaxed, figuring out the best schedule as you go along.