Packaging to Target Millennials

By Johnna Johnson

Accounts Manager/ Media Buyer

If you have a new product that needs packaging or if your current packaging that needs a facelift, consider to whom you will be targeting with your new design. If your goal is to appeal to the millennial market, there are a few things to consider when developing your design:

  1. Buzz Words

Do you follow sustainable practices, have a non-GMO product, or are you involved with any charities? Millennial consumers want to support companies who do right by the environment, provide natural products and give back to the community. They won’t know you do any of this if you don’t TELL THEM! Where do you tell them? On the package!! Millennial’s do not make lists when they shop; they buy what catches their eye or what their social media friends are talking about.



  1. Natural Look and Feel

Simplicity is key with the packaging appeal to the millennial sector. Items packaged in materials that have the craft-paper effect translate to the ease of manufacturing or recycled which equals earth-friendly. Also, refrain from cluttering the package! You want to convey as much as you can without causing stimulation overload, try to find the balance.

Screen Shot 2016-02-10 at 3.34.05 PM

  1. Reusability

Is your product package reusable? Bonus points if it is! This means those millennial shoppers will hang-on to and reuse your packaging; one less item in the landfill! A company that does this well is Method. All products come in trendy reusable containers that are meant to be refilled.

Screen Shot 2016-02-10 at 3.34.56 PM

So, where do you start? Deciding if you are making the right design choices can be overwhelming. If you find you are having difficulty navigating the creative process with your team, call Marketing Plus. We have decades of experience and can partner with your team to tell your brand story and appeal to your target.


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