2016 Trade Show Trends

Alison Allwine

Tradeshow and Special Event Coordinator


So, did your boss approve all the bells and whistles of your annual tradeshow budget, or did they slash them out like the tires on your car after an ugly breakup?! The good news is, if you got the green light we have a list of HOT items you’re going to want in your exhibit for 2016.

DIGITAL. It’s all about digital this year. Go digital with your brochures, sales sheets, and collateral. Anything that was once printed should no longer be in 2016. The press rooms have gone digital and attendees don’t want to carry paper by the ream these days, give them something simple, perhaps a custom made USB or QR Code they can easily access your information from. Keep it simple.

LED. Lightbox booths are all the talk! They stand out on the show floor, and really make your graphics pop under that stagnant lighting in a convention center. The simplicity of the pre-made and pre-assembled modular unit makes it super easy to set your booth and be show ready– in less than an hour! Light it up.

CREATIVE. Lets face it, with life being so fast paced and having the world available at your fingertips, attendees need to be intrigued by something, other than their iPhone, when walking the show floor. Do something bold or outrageous to stand out and draw in the crowd…In 2016 we can expect to see more exhibitors doing things like creating their entire exhibit out of their own product, having an edible booth display (super cool for those foodies who sample their product anyway), or creating a space where attendees actually have to walk into something to see the inside of your booth. Keep them intrigued.

PERSONABLE. With attendees being limited to time and budgets, some companies will be sending fewer and fewer buyers to shows. As an exhibitor you’ve got to make sure you’re making their show experience worth their time and money, by offering private parties, dinners, happy hour events, etc. It’s a great way to get all of your top customers and potentials in the same room. If you hold a private event at one of your 2016 shows, you can guarantee to stand out from the other exhibitors who do nothing but show up when the show opens at 10, and leave for their hotel room at 5, when it’s over. Keep it exclusive.

IMPRESSION. Leave a lasting impression with a unique giveaway or take away item. Let them know you’re serious. Hand out giveaways that will actually be used, such as 3-in-1 chargers, portable battery packs, or any other techy items that are hot right now and will keep attendees using them with your brand in hand! Make your mark.

Not sure how you feel yet? Take a test drive at the Exhibitor show this coming March, and schedule a call or meeting with our team either before or at the show. Let us help guide you in the right direction to having a successful show season!