Shelter in Place Food, Fun, Lessons and Cocktails

Shelter in Place Food, Fun, Lessons and Cocktails

As the days of shelter-in-place have grown into months, working remote from our homes has become a new norm and Zoom has transformed into our new office. Luckily, our M+ team has been busy keeping our creative minds at work. Our kitchens are being used more than ever and we are all now ‘professional chefs’ (not really but we feel like it). Our team group chat is alive and well, constantly flooded with the latest activity or the dinner special of the night and cocktail pictures…and if you’ve never seen Julie’s famous Bloody Mary, wonder no more:

You’re welcome.

Being that we love food…a little bit too much, I guess you can say that we’re all in the right business: marketing food. We’ve found that we have all become very good at marketing our own creations to each other during this time. Furthermore, we thought it would be fun to share with you, our loyal fans, some of our favorite S-I-P meal and cocktail creations brought to you by the Marketing Plus team:
















































As you can tell, some of us were healthier than others and a few of us (not naming any names) forgot to document our daily meals to the group…I personally always forget to take pictures of my food because I’m too busy thinking about eating the food. Nevertheless, I believe we all did pretty well capturing our delicious creations. And of course, we couldn’t forget Johnna’s little sous-chef, Maddox. We have all strived to be as great of a chef that he is.

Like most of the world, we have been trying to keep ourselves entertained during the S-I-P order and getting ideas from each other has definitely been keeping us all busy. Of course, none of us can keep up or beat Anthony’s 5 Mile every other day around the neighborhood, but we do our best. Julie has been busy with her weekly Zoom Shakespeare readings with local actors as well as doubling as Milla and Stephanie’s at home teacher, Johnna and Maddox love to go for evening strolls through the neighborhood, and the rest of us have been busy catching up on our favorite Netflix series that we’ve never really had the time to binge until now.

All in all, the shelter in place order has given us the time to do the things that we all have had on our to-do lists for so long. From cleaning out closets or finally planting our gardens, it seems this unexpected free time has given all of us all a sense of clarity and a recharge none of us really thought that we needed. Although we are all very anxious to get back to our ‘normal’ lives, we are also incredibly thankful for the quality time we have been given to spend with our families as we all sheltered in place. So, until the S-I-P order is lifted, we will still be sharing our daily menus and favorite ‘quarentinies’ with each other dreaming of the day we all get to be together again.