How to Tackle Digital Media Buying

How to Tackle Digital Media Buying



As more activities are taking place online, the shift to advertise online has taken off. Digital advertising is everywhere; when you check your Instagram feed, weather, or latest sports stat – chances are you are being targeted by a brand. And, let’s not forget when you are online “window shopping” and those unicorn party plates you searched follow you around for the next 30 days.


So, how can you apply these targeting tactics to your brand and how do you know where you should start advertising? With so many digital media buying options, it’s important to know that not all ad buys are the same. Digital advertising gives you the flexibility to really narrow in on your target, but first, you must know who you are targeting and where they are going to be online.


Step one, define your audience. To give your online ad presence the best chance for success, you must first identify your target audiences’ age group, interests, income level, location, etc.  All of these factors are important when determining where to place your ad.  If your product is online, well then, my friend, the world is your oyster. But if you are a brick and mortar business with the need to drive consumer traffic into your establishment or have limited distribution – you wouldn’t advertise to someone halfway around the world. Defining your target audience helps to run a more efficient campaign and spend dollars on ads that could give you a potential customer.


Step two, define your goals. What do you want to achieve from your digital campaign?  Do you want impressions, clicks, video views, or transaction conversions?  Each result would require a specific approach when setting up your ad.  This is a critical step in the process that is often skipped. Clear goals defined before the start of the campaign is the only way to evaluate if the campaign was successful in the end.


Step three, launch your ad. Based on your determined target audience and goals, create an ad campaign that will appeal to your audience and will lead to the desired action.  Once the campaign is running make sure to check in on the performance on a regular basis. The beauty of digital ads is that you can make edits during the campaign. If your ad is not getting the results it needs to reach your goal – refresh your messaging or tactic.


Step four, evaluate the success. Did you reach your set goal? If so, save what contributed to its success for next time. Did you fall short of your goal? What could you have done differently? The reporting after a digital campaign is something that is necessary to review. It can provide a lot of insight into the response of your target audience.


Marketing Plus has years of experience in navigating the ever-changing digital space. If digital marketing is an area that you find challenging to tackle alone or do not have the time to plan and execute a digital campaign, give us a call – we can take the guesswork out and deliver successful results!