Instant Impact Using Instagram Stories

Looking for an easy way to engage with your followers and get new ones, organically? Try using the stories feature on Instagram and let the fun begin! Utilizing stories is the easiest thing you can do to grab attention and redirect it to new posts you’ve made on your profile; in case you are getting lost in the algorithm or other accounts in your followers’ scrolling.

I like to use the feature for our clients to give more information about a post or to tease about upcoming info or contests that I want to get followers excited about and looking forward to participating in! The story feature helps to build more of a narrative, you can show followers what’s happening right here, right now, and stay front of mind throughout the day. Every time you add to your story, it puts you back in the feed along the top of the homepage; whereas, posting to your profile means, once a follower has seen it, (IF they see it – thanks Instagram algorithm), that’s it for the day. And who wants to be seen once a day!? While we’re on the topic of being seen and discovered, don’t forget to use hashtags! Adding a relevant hashtag to your story helps get you on the radar of everyone else following that same hashtag. It’s the easiest way to get an extra few follows for $0, and what’s not to love about that? And while you’re posting to your story, make sure you’re interacting with the folks that are liking, commenting, and sharing your story with others! This platform works best when you engage and actively build your community. So what are you waiting for? Get out there and be seen!

Alison Allwine

Social Media & Tradeshow Specialist