Font Fun – Typography Trends

You may have never paid much attention to the fonts you use. There is a group of crazy people that have a weird obsession with all aspect regarding fonts, that group is graphic designers. The average person doesn’t have the training or eye as a graphic designer, but you should think a bit more about the font you choose and here is why. Font choice is one of the most important decisions when it comes to design. A simple font change can alter the entire feel of your design.

As a designer it is my job to stay on top of trends, here is what is currently going on in the world of typography.

Nostalgia has been a major trend in pop culture, tv shows and movies themed around past eras have become very popular. And by extension this has created a rising trend in the use of retro fonts. Our latest campaign for our client Well•Pict makes the use of retro fonts and design with a modern twist.


In the digital world sans serif fonts are king. According to Google fonts the top 5 most used fonts on the web are:

The headlines throughout this website and the title of this blog use the Montserrat font, because we always stay on top of trends. The main reason for this is the readability of these types of fonts, they are very simple and clean. Websites nowadays take mobile use as their priority, therefore having a font that is very easy to read in a small screen is the key to getting your message across.

The rise of video and motion graphics on social media has made highlighted text a major trend in social media. I’m sure you’ve seen a video with text that is enclosed in a colored box. The reason this became a tread is for it’s practical use. In a video the background will constantly change, and having the text in a box ensures that your message is readable at all times throughout the video.

As with all trends, some of the stuff mentioned above may be long gone next year. At Marketing Plus we always do our best to stay ahead on the latest trends in typography. Let us help you choose the perfect font for your next project. And remember never, ever, use comic sans.

Oscar Burgos

Graphic Designer