Marketing Internship: How it started, How it’s going.


My last semester at Fresno State we had completely transitioned online and I was stressing out about finding an internship or a job post-grad. And I stressed out even more because how was I supposed to do that in the midst of a global pandemic. I had been emailing back and forth with one of my professors and she informed me that I really needed to find an internship as soon as I could if I wanted my resume to stand out from other candidates when applying for jobs. A few days later she had reached back out to me letting me know that a former student of hers had sent her an internship application to send out to our 160 class that semester and she encouraged me to apply, and I did…immediately! I was feeling panicked and stressed about my job post-grad, but I knew that if I was supposed to get the internship position and if it was meant to be I would! I had received a follow-up email and I was thrilled and then I waited to hear back, good or bad. As my semester was coming to an end and I hadn’t heard back from M+ I started to get discouraged. I really had no idea what a social media coordinator and copywriter meant, nor did I know any of what I was getting myself into, but I just knew that I really hoped that it was supposed to be for me! I kept waiting and even applying to other internships but for some reason, M+ was still my top pick. After a few weeks of wondering and waiting to see what was going to happen, I got a call for an interview! And then another call to complete a project and then another call to let me know…I had landed the internship! I was so nervous and excited to learn and explore all things marketing but I really did not know what the marketing world was all about. In the past 4 months, I have learned so much more than I could have prepared myself for. I’ve learned about the behind-the-scenes of what it takes to really get a company’s name out there and how we as a team have to work together to achieve those goals. It is SO much more than I had anticipated but in the best way possible! M+ was so much more than just an internship it was a learning experience, it was a great team to be a part of, and everything I have learned thus far I most definitely will take with me wherever I go in my career. It is a bittersweet moment that my time is up here at M+ but I am so grateful I was given the opportunity and I will remember everyone and everything I learned here!