Putting the ‘Plus’ in Marketing Plus


Over the past couple of years, change has become a monumental force of accommodation and acceptance. After transitioning to working from home to working back in the office to trade shows being cancelled and instead, made virtual to finally planning trade shows in person again after 2 years of virtual events, change is almost expected. But change in the marketing world is no big surprise. Adapting to new marketing trends and the ever evolving universe of social media is a given to anyone lucky enough to live the life of a marketer. 

The one thing that has never and will never change for Team Orange, however, is what the ‘Plus’ in Marketing Plus means to us. Marketing Plus is not just the name of our company, it is our motto that we live by daily. To put the ‘Plus’ in Marketing Plus – to go above and beyond for our clients 24/7, 365 days a year, especially when it is not expected. For over 30 years, that is what we have taken pride in. Knowing that we have gone the extra mile for our clients and have shown them exactly what M+ is all about. 

But what exactly IS M+ all about? To better explain what the ‘Plus’ in Marketing Plus really means, The M+ team got together and came to the conclusion that there is not one explanation that is better than the other. So, in true Team Orange spirit, they decided to showcase all of their thoughtful and personalized Marketing Plus definitions. Please enjoy: 

Julie: “Plus, to us means – above and beyond – doing what it takes to make a client successful… we love helping them grow.”

Johnna: “Delivering ‘that crazy idea’ to our clients and exceeding expectations.”

Anthony: “For me, the plus in Marketing Plus is exceeding client expectations. When I take on a client project, I look at what more can be done to ensure that we deliver the very best, but also, deliver beyond what is expected. Marketing is all about results, I believe that the effort you put into a marketing campaign will directly impact those results, so I take great pride when a client recognizes the extra effort that I put towards their needs. As a team, we are always looking for different ways to evolve. Whether, it’s developing a new logo, creating social media content, or managing a particular tradeshow, we all support each other and are always willing to show a project to a teammate to make sure that there isn’t anything else we can do to make sure we gave our very best.”   

Oscar: “Amaze our clients with graphics that will increase or ‘plus’ their presence in their market.”

Kindle: “The plus to me, means going above and beyond everyone’s expectations which, is exactly what we do here at Marketing Plus. Standing out and being recognized for our hard work is something we strive for.”

Hopefully, this gives you a better idea of what Marketing Plus is all about. After all, there is no ‘I’ in Team, but there is an ‘US’ in Plus!