New Year, New Tradeshow Options

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Keys to a Flawless Tradeshow:

Step 1: Hire Marketing Plus to do your pre-show and show-site management.

Step 2: That’s all 😉

Designing and ordering a tradeshow booth or even tradeshow booth components can be stressful… That’s why Marketing Plus is here to take the ‘stress’ out of ‘stressful’ for you and leave you with a tradeshow experience that is full of success and enjoyment. We like to do all the heavy lifting, so you don’t have to. We have booth solutions for everyone – from large companies to small mom and pop businesses, we can work with your budget and your specific booth needs. Let’s be real for just a second – times have changes and inflation has definitely taken a toll of all aspects of life. We know that justifying the purchase of new booth components can be a difficult decision to make. That’s why we’re delighted to offer a beginning of the year 10% discount on any booth components you may need for your tradeshows this year. Need help with show planning? We’ve got you covered! Marketing Plus is your one stop shop for any and all tradeshow needs large and small! With that, here are some of our favorite – no hassle – stress free booth solutions that we know you will love too!

10FT Curved Full Height Tension Fabric Display:

This booth solution is one of our favorites because of how simple it is to assemble. It is as easy as 1, 2, 3! Just expand to its full height and snap the locking arms in place so the frame stays secure. Place the fabric graphic in line with the velcro attachments and voila! You have yourself a beautiful (and easy) booth backdrop.

Wanting to add a little more pizzaz to your booth? Great idea! Look no further than these additional booth solutions that are easy additions to your hopup backdrop!

Standard Wheeled Display Case

No more having to worry about carrying on your booth materials with you while you travel. This display case is the perfect ‘home’ for your backdrop as well as any additional booth items you may require like display lighting, company logo table cloth, sales collateral, company swag, and even a countertop and case cover! That’s right – this super awesome display case also acts as a counter for your booth making it functionally perfect for many different uses. Shipping your booth in this hard case is easy and always protects the items that are inside your booth while in transit to your next show and back to the office!

Looking for something with a bit more luminescence? We’ve got you covered!

10FT Backlit Straight Tension Fabric Display:

With the same set-up as the first hopup listed, this one is even better as it shows off with LED lights placed at the back of the backdrop and illuminating the entire structure. This eliminates the need for any additional display lighting that normally attaches to the top of the backdrop.

If you think these booth solutions are awesome, this is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to extraordinary booth displays that will draw attention but also be so simple to assemble and dismantle, it will leave you wondering when your next tradeshow is because you had so much fun with it.

If new tradeshow booth solutions are a necessity for your company this year and you are in the market for new booth components, Marketing Plus is here to save the day for your 2024 tradeshow needs. We are here to assist you with whatever tradeshow planning, purchasing or guidance you may need. Interested in taking a look at our past work and booth designs? Check out our website for all of our tradeshow stats and get a better idea of what we do here at Marketing Plus. Don’t forget about our limited time 10% discount on booth components! (Discount ends 3/31/2024)

Here at Marketing Plus, making your job easier is our forte. Give us a call or shoot us an email and we would be more than happy to assist where you need us!