Your Tips for a lovely social Media page (4) (1)

Hello, lovebirds! Katee here, your social media guru, ready to sprinkle some love into your feeds this Valentine’s. Just picture me as your digital Cupid, but with more hashtags and fewer arrows. I’m here to help you with all the tricks to spice up your page because, after all, social media is just like dating. Need help in that department too? Allow me to come to your rescue on your social media, and hey, maybe I’ll even land you a date!

Instagram Bio

Think of your Instagram Bio like speed dating. You only have a few seconds to say something interesting before they get bored and move to the next page/person. So flaunt your best qualities, put in quick key details about your business, keep the info minimal, and for the love of everything, dress to impress by using a high-quality looking logo for your profile picture.


Hashtags are your secret wingman, my friends. They will be your second pair of eyes, bringing potential relationships to your side. Sprinkle those relevant and catchy hashtags throughout your posts to help you join trending conversations and connect to a broader audience. However, don’t go overboard—quality over quantity is key. A well-chosen hashtag can ignite conversations and boost your content reach. So choose them wisely.

Posting frequency

How much is too much? You should always aim for 3-5 posts a week. Just like dating, you want to express interest without seeming desperate. Remember, don’t be that overly attached person – max two posts a day unless there’s a giveaway or a cat meme emergency. Give them space to miss you; it’s the key to a healthy relationship, online and offline.


Let’s talk about engagement, nope not the put a ring on it type of engagement that might be moving too fast. I’m talking about the engagement and activity on your social page. You’ve got to up the game now by involving their friends—because nothing is more meaningful than when you get on the good side with their pals right? Incorporate contests, memes, anything that encourages tagging. Each tag is an introduction to potential new friends.

You got played

As you expand your audience, the challenge shifts to keeping them entertained. It’s not uncommon for people to follow you to enter the contest you’re hosting and then unfollow with a classic “it’s not you it’s me” move. To counter this, focus on colorful, animated posts. Any type of graphic with movement is easily the best to keep them interested in your page. Highlight the unique aspects of your brand to grab their attention and minimize the risk of breakups.

The Happy Ever After

Remember, just like finding the love of your life, it doesn’t happen overnight. It will take loads of time and dedication. Alternatively, you could just hire your very own Digital Cupid, a.k.a Marketing Plus, and effortlessly fall in love with your new page without the need to work so hard. When you’re armed with Marketing Plus by your side, you can sit back, relax, and who knows, maybe even land a date with the love of your life!

Wishing you all heart emojis and witty captions for a Valentine’s Day as sweet as your new Social Media Page.