2016 Winter Fancy Food Show Top 10 List!


By Alison Allwine, Social Media Manager

Team Orange just got back from foggy San Francisco after attending the Winter Fancy Food Show and have we got some great news to report back to you!

There were so many fun and exciting new items trending for this year and the atmosphere was great! With several show rooms to walk, there was no way to leave unimpressed or under fed.

Some of the top items we saw were jerky; be it beef, filet mignon, salmon or turkey, there are lots of tasty and new flavors in this genre of snack food.

We saw a lot of artisanal and organic chocolates infused with flavors; everything from pomegranate chocolate honey patties to caramelized banana and peanut butter chocolate cups.

Coconut is also, still, very much on trend. We all know it’s a miracle item for your kitchen and beauty regimens but with so many great packaging ideas out there and amazing health benefits, we don’t see this wonderful food item going anywhere anytime soon.

Packaging, packaging everywhere! Labels are bold, colorful, clean, fun, and in perfect alignment with the product it was meant to advertise. If the label draws you in, then you’re well on your way to making a new customer.

We noticed a huge number of vendors that had scrumptious, healthy offerings. If you have food allergies, you are no longer stuck with bland alternatives to the foods you once loved or wish you could have. So many companies now have gluten-free/ dairy-free/ vegan options either as a main staple of their line or in addition to their regular line of products.

All in all, we had a blast and are so excited about all of the wonderful food trends, infusions and bold combinations.

Without further ado, here’s our top 10 List!

Top 10

10. Powell & Mahoney Cocktail Mixers- how could we not love such adorable packaging!? Colorful, clean and so pretty, we would never hide them in the back of a cupboard or fridge. Take your next party up a notch with these cute bottles.

9. S!mply Baked Party Supplies- Cute, useful and coordinated. Why send people home from your next dinner party with cluttery Tupperware when you could send home leftovers in S!mply Baked’s adorable containers! Did we mention the “Juice Box For Grown-Ups” (to-go containers for a bottle of wine)? Yeah. Amazing.

8. Pearl Royal Coconut Water- We’ve heard coconut water is a great pick me up, and after a night out with clients and a little bit of wine we figured it couldn’t hurt. This stuff is DELICIOUS. No pulp, just smooth goodness with a hint of milkiness to it. And the packaging? ADORABLE! The can is concealed in a “coconut” casing and you pull a string to pop the top. Insert the straw and sip away!

7. Montana Mex- They have hit the packaging graphics nail right on the head! Bold and eye-catching colors and typography immediately caught our attention in the “What’s Hot, What’s New” showcases. We couldn’t believe how savory and rich the flavors were!

6. Flax 4 Life- Health-food that tastes good! Gluten-free, dairy-free, flax mini muffins did not sound like an appetizing combo but we couldn’t have been more wrong! Their cappuccino brownie was to die for! Moist, yummy brownie flavor, with the right touch of cappuccino and 684mg of Omega 3 per muffin. We will definitely be adding these to our break room!

5. Wild Ophelia- The stunning booth design drew us in, and the flavored chocolates kept us there. We had to tear ourselves away from the Banana Peanut Butter Chocolate Cups! We also love that they invest in women entrepreneurs and it’s all American!

4. Choice Tea- Anne-Marie and her team are just about the friendliest, sweetest folks ever and their teas are right in alignment with that. Eco-friendly and socially responsible fair trade ingredients and so much flavor! Definitely the kind of tea to sip over a good conversation with friends.

3. Uncle Andy’s Jerky- OMG and WOW! Uncle Andy’s was amazing and the guys behind the brand are a couple of super cool dudes. Inspired by the craft beer movement, Andy has created high-end flavors like “Spicy Coffee” and “Mushroom Blue Cheese”, at completely affordable prices. They even convinced us to try their lemon mint jerky, cleverly named, “Gent Lemon Mint”. At first taste, you get the hearty beef flavor, followed closely by a delicate lemon burst and on the heels of that you get a subtle burst mint on the end. Delightfully unique and tasty.

2. Spiceologist- This packaging was fabulous and the product is so flavorful! Beautiful, bright packaging and full-bodied flavor combinations, it tastes great on your food, looks good on your shelves! Check them out online for gorgeous spice blocks and spice kits.

1. E´ Tutto Qua!, on Broadway and Columbus in North Beach (near the Financial District). Ever been to Italy? This is exactly what it feels like. The atmosphere is warm, inviting and authentic. Straight from Roma, everyone inside spoke Italian and had the greatest personalities. And the food? OUT. OF. THIS. WORLD. All from scratch, delicious and accommodating of any food allergies or dietary restrictions. The boisterous and fun-loving staff made it a point to know our names and stop by to say hello and check in on us. We even played a rousing game of Uno with the owners and learned how to properly “cheers”, in Italiano! We will, without a doubt, be back to experience great food and friends at E´Tutto Qua!